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Drs. Abbott (Bo) Kagan and Todd Atkinson are fellowship trained orthopedic orthopedic surgeons who practice general orthopedic surgery with a concentration in their area of expertise.

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Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is a common orthopedic procedure. As the population ages, it is expected to become even more common. Hip replacement surgery involves removing the head of the thighbone (femur) and replacing the ball-and-socket mechanism of the hip with artificial implants. This relieves pain and improves mobility.

Hip Resurfacing

For young athletic patients who would normally require a hip replacement, hip resurfacing can be considered an option. Advantages of resurfacing include bone stock preservation and a more natural "feeling". Candidates should be young, not excessively overweight, and not have major hip joint deformity.

Hip Tendon Injuries

Pain in the region of the hip joint can me due to tendon injury or tendinitis. History, physical examination and MRI scanning can help the diagnosis. Sometimes a torn hip tendon can cause hip pain which has gone undiagnosed for years. Often tendon repair can be beneficial.